Image Effects with Xamarin.Android

A while ago I was working on a sample app to demonstrate basic image editing abilities using ColorFilter to adjust an image brightness, contrast and saturation.

Color filters are great, but they are comparatively slow on large images, while looking for better options I learned that we could use Effects that are available in Android API Level 14

The effects in Android uses GPU and OpenGL textures to perform all the processing for maximum performances. The EffectFactory provides the list of various effects that can be applied to an image not just basic adjustments like brightness and contrast.

I have ported one of the Google’s sample to Xamarin.Android to demonstrate these effects, this should be a useful getting started sample for developers like me :)

The GitHub repository includes the full solution for the app in the screenshot if you want to run from it: monodroid-samples

3 thoughts on “Image Effects with Xamarin.Android”

    1. Good to hear my code helped you save time :)

      Do you get any errors porting SO code? I would suggest you post what you have tried so far at it would be easy to understand/debug it, and other developers can pitch in their ideas too

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